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Play and Discover!

Looking for fun family activities? LaunchPAD Children’s Museum is your answer for family-friendly, educational play and discovery! LaunchPAD is a world full of fun and learning to help your children grow. Play is how children learn best and LaunchPAD provides affordable family fun featuring hands-on and interactive exhibits and programs.


Growing the mind is just as important as growing the body.

Play and discovery plays a vital role in the development of children. LaunchPAD is committed to providing access to all, but we need the help of the community in order to continue to provide these opportunities. LaunchPAD relies on generous donors who support the mission of providing educational play and discovery for all children and caregivers. If you believe in the development of children, please consider giving to LaunchPAD. 

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LaunchPAD Children's Museum Mission

LaunchPAD Children's Museum's mission is to  launch a child's love of learning through play and discovery.

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