At LaunchPAD Children's Museum, your children will enter a world full of fun and learning which will help your children grow.

Garden and fresh produce stand.

Children discover and learn about different types of foods that grow in our local area and can experience life as a farmer.


Apple orchard themed rock climbing wall.

Kid's will climb to new heights with our apple orchard climbing wall.

Apple Orchard

Barn façade climbing area.

Whoa, look at that barn! That is what our little ones say when they see the big barn and enjoy climbing and playing a farmer in this real life space.


Play cafe and ice cream parlor

Children explore what it's like to cook, serve, clean and enjoy creative activities in the kitchen!


Child scooping play ice cream.

After your child enjoys preparing a delicious meal at the café, join your child for dessert! Watch your child create a triple ice cream cone!

Ice Cream Parlor

Inclosed area for toddlers to play with ramps and train table.

Little ones can explore with all of their senses as parents and caregivers engage in watching and participating in their adventure.

Infant-Toddler Area

Tree house that is a play house with a spiral slide.

Our backyard treehouse is a secret clubhouse for boys and girls where grown-ups dare not venture. The treehouse features two levels of nature fun.

LaunchPAD Backyard

Scientist pretends to paint face of little girl through lab window.

Kids love using their imagination, especially when they have the extra space to do it! Designed for kids to explore and create!

LaunchPAD Lab

Little play town with construction house, doctor's office, apartment, post office, police station, bank, tow truck, and gas pump.

A town just big enough for kids. Experience different types of careers and cultures in our Little LaunchTown.

Little Launchtown

Play market with shelves, carts, and cash register to buy groceries.

Children independently explore a place they are familiar with, the store! While playing, children will experience what it's like to shop with money.


Bulldozer with mulch and building blocks to construct with.

Kids will love playing in this large sensory area filled with rubberized mulch that looks like dirt. Learn about cause and effect as you move and play

Moving Dirt

Stage with camera and lights.

Lights! Camera! Action! Our theater is complete with a puppet show window, stage props and creative costumes. Watch your child perform!

Performing Arts

Produce truck to load play groceries.

Make way, delivery coming thru! Veggies can be delivered in our farm truck. Kids will enjoy loading up baskets into the back of this truck.

Produce Truck

Kids playing in pool noodle rain cloud. "Coming Soon"

Kids will get blown away in the raincloud!

Rain Cloud

Fake horses to brush and braid their tails.

Kids will love taking care of horses, rabbits, and chickens. They will also learn about where milk comes from and help feed the pigs.


Kids climbing in multilevel climber.

One of the biggest indoor climbers in Sioux City, kids can enjoy scaling these terrains and climb level to level until they reach the top!

The Climber

John Deere tractor with fix-able engine.

This John Deere Tractor is every little future farmer’s dream. The engine is opens and has removable parts for repairing.


Boys fishing in the water table pond.

Come splash in the water table, the museum’s signature exhibit, signifying the importance of rivers to the Siouxland area!

Water Table

Blow tubes that send balls and scarves soaring through the air.

The Bernoulli blower and wind wall provide compelling ways for kids to touch and understand air.

Wind Zone

Child scooping play ice cream.
Cafe exhibit in the museum.
Child serving grandparents in the cafe exhibit.
Water table exhibit.
Garden and produce truck exhibit.
Play groceries in the market exhibit.
Child climbing in climber exhibit.
Child making pizza in the cafe exhibit.
Tractor façade on barn in exhibit.
Market exhibit with produce truck.
Barn exhibit with climbing tunnels.
Water table exhibit with Lego farm.
PLAY written on the giant lite brite exhibit.
Fresh produce sign above the fruit stalls in the market exhibit.
Toddler exhibit in the museum.
Boy building dams in the water table exhibit.
Boys fishing in the water table exhibit.
Play market with shelves, carts, and cash register to buy groceries.
Child playing with lettuce in the garden exhibit.
Child playing with train table in toddler exhibit.
Kid putting play money into cash register in exhibit.
Height measurement exhibit.
Scientist pretends to paint face of little girl through lab window.