Daily admission is $14 for ages 1-65. Discounts apply for senior citizens, and active military and service members.


Become a Member

After just 3 visits your membership has paid for itself!

Basic- Save 10%!

Originally $168, Now $152 / Year

  • Unlimited FREE admission for an entire year for 2 adults and up to 6 dependent children at the same address
  • 15% off birthday parties, and meeting or museum rentals
  • 15% off LaunchPAD’s Odyssey Toy Store
  • Subscription to the LaunchPAD

Premium- Save 10%!

Originally $192, Now $173 / Year

  • All features of Basic, PLUS 4 additional guests

Ultimate- Save 10%!

Originally $240, Now $216 / Year

  • All features of Premium, PLUS
  • Reciprocal admission to more than 200 participating ACM children’s museums across the country for a discounted admission
  • Free general admission to Association of Science and Technology Centers that participate in the ASTC Travel Passport Program outside your local area

ACM Participating Museums

ASTC Participating Museums

*At LaunchPAD, all children deserve opportunities to learn and play. Support for low income families is available through our access membership program. These families are asked to stop by the museum in-person to apply.

Membership Terms & Conditions

A valid credit card is needed to sign up for a membership and a membership is valid for 12 Months. Auto renewal will occur unless specified otherwise. Debits to member’s accounts will be done on the date of sign up each month.

 New memberships may be paid annually in full. It is a one-time payment of $168 for a basic, $192 for a premium, or $240 for an ultimate membership. *The Family Membership free daily admission benefit does not apply to field trips. 

Monthly membership payment may be activated at the museum. New monthly members agree to certain terms and conditions including the following:

1)     Monthly memberships may not be cancelled prior to six months of membership.

2)     Members who have rejected payments may be terminated by LaunchPAD.  Membership reinstatement will require member to pay past due amounts.

3)     Monthly members may pause their membership and payments one time for up to three months total.


 LaunchPAD may cancel a membership without notice if:

1)     A withdrawal is returned unpaid from a bank or a credit card is denied.

2)     A stop payment or account-closed notice is received from our financial institution.


**If the price of admission or membership is a burden, please contact us.